Electronics and Communication Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Ever since the industrial revolution, the conceptualization and design, manufacturing and deployment of machines, tools, and gadgets have signaled the technological progress of mankind. The Mechanical Engineering department aims to impart to the students a solid foundation in machine drawing and design, kinematics, thermodynamics, manufacturing processes, and related domains. Graduating students have excellent opportunities to build a career in discrete and process manufacturing industry and research - in automotive, consumer goods, aerospace, heavy machinery, pharmaceutical and chemical process plants, and power generation, to name a few.

  • Mechanical Engineering department was established a decade ago.
  • Comprehensive laboratories and workshops enable students in hands-on learning.
  • Active research areas of faculty include
    • Nanotechnology - Carbon Nanotube-Copper Nanocomposites
    • Advanced composite materials.
    • Product Design and Development.
  • Over 80+ research papers published by the faculty in conference proceedings and emerging journals.
  • Centres of Excellence - Nanotechnology, Robotics.
  • MoUs executed with leading providers of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Process Software Systems.


B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

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Industry Readiness

  • Students encouraged to participate and learn by building machines and prototypes.
  • Major Initiatives
    • Racing Car Project
    • Quadcopter
    • 3D Printer
  • Numerous awards won in state level competitions.
  • Bringing Industry Practices to the Classroom - Participation of Faculty in Papers and Poster Presentations at IMTEX, the annual national level exhibition, and KSTA - Karnataka Science and Technology Academy Conference.
  • Incubating cross-technology startups in campus (https://www.Intellicar.in).


Dr. Venkateshwaran

  • Professor & Head - Centres of Excellence, Mech Engg
  • Ex Prof & Head, Aeronautical Engg, NMIT
  • Ex Principal, Prof & Head, BMSIT, Yelahanka
  • Professor, BMSCE, Bangalore
  • 9 years in Industry in India and UK
  • DR Tech, TU, Vienna ( Nano Sciences)
  • Ph. D., & M.Sc ( Engg) ,Mechanical/ Nano IISc., Bangalore
  • BE Mech, Bangalore University
  • Aerospace and Nano Technology, IISc Bangalore Vienna Univ.

Dr. Suyog Javar

  • Research Associate Professor & CoE In-charge in Additive Manufacturing
  • Expertise : Additive Manufacturing Metal Forming, Design
  • Member, Expert Committee, Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association, China
  • Associate Professor, NMIMS University
  • B. E., G. S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore ( Indl & Prodn Engg)
  • M.E. IIT Roorkee, Welding Engineering
  • Ph. D., IIT Indore ( Additive Manufacturing)

Prof K Prashanth*

  • Associate Professor & Mechatronics CoE In-charge
  • Ex Assistant Professor and Incharge - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Off Shore Campus, RAK, UAE.
  • Ex Asst Prof, PES Inst of Technology, Bangalore
  • B.E., Mech, MSRIT, Bangalore
  • M.E. Mech Engg., MSRIT, Bangalore
  • Ph.D., UCN Azteca University, Central America

*Joining Jan 20th

Dr. Amarnath

  • Adjunct
  • Ex Adjunct Professor, BMS College of Engineering
  • Industry Experience in Research & Engg @ Wipro, Philips Research, GE Energy, GE Global Research
  • BE Mech., Bangalore University
  • Fluid Power, M.E. & Ph.D., IISc., Bangalore

Dr. Prashanth Ramachandran

  • Research Associate Professor
  • Area of Interest: Inverse problems in stability, Rotor dynamics, Mathematical modelling of mechanical system, Vibration & control
  • Ph.D. and MS, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, L.A.; BS – Mechanical Engineering, Anna University .
  • Patent: Prashanth Ramachandran, Y. M. Ram, Benjamin A. Rottler, Jorge S. Fino, Policarpo B. Wood, “EigenVaue Characterization and Instability Optimization during Transitioning between Pedometer Modes”, Patent filed with USPTO
  • Award: “Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award”
  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Louisiana State University, 2011-12
  • Distinguished Dissertation Award Louisiana State University, 2012

Advisory Board


TBN #2

  • Distinguished Academician from Mechanical


  • Global Head, Consulting & Enterprise Solutions, Tech Mahindra.
  • Digital Supply Chain Transformation.
  • Consultant to Fortune 100 companies in America, Europe and Japan.
  • Former Head of R&D, L&T Construction Equipment Division
  • B.E. (Mechanical), MBA.

TBN #1

  • CXO from Transportation/ Engineering Global Company