The underlying mission of Atria Institute of Technology is to promote the development of individuals who seek world class technical and professional competence in their respective fields along with projecting co-curricular talent in the field of arts and literature.

We at Atria strongly believe that this all round development is possible only when a student is given the opportunity to excel in not just academics but also in other cocurricular activities like Theatre, Literature, Music, Art, Fashion, and Dance.

Cultural activities are not just meant for entertainment but they are very much essential for the all-round development. It helps the students in developing knowledge, skills and attitude, the very essence of an Outcome based education. The various activities in the literary field aim at improving the knowledge, communication, and presentation skills of the students whereas dance and theatre helps in the emotional development of the students. The cultural activities also help in building the confidence and exhibiting their leadership skills in the domain of their interest. The following skills are enhanced by participation in various cultural activities:

  • Development of soft skills like communication, confidence and etiquette and mannerisms
  • Build values like team spirit, empathy, ethics, Corporate social responsibility, unity in diversity, self control, and so on
  • It helps the students in managing their time, emotions, and they learn to handle crisis and how to handle people.
  • Students learn to accept success and failure as they experience this in various competitions

Keeping these points in mind, we at Atria have formed a Cultural Committee. The Cultural Chairpersons and the Associated Students of all branches of Engineering and Management at the Atria Institute of Technology, together hold their annual fest, Sapthrang, which has succeeded in bringing the immensely talented individuals, to present their exceptional talent.

Sapthrang has been the cultural extravaganza for years now and every year it has been growing bigger. It has emerged as a platform for aspiring talents from diverse backgrounds and various educational facilities. The event has a promising display of colour, art and talents not compromising on the culture and neither limiting the jubilation of a thousand hearts.

What sets Sapthrang apart from any other festival is its avant-garde approach to conventional performing arts and literature. With its vast array of enthralling and challenging events in a myriad of fields, such as Fashion, Theatre, Literature, Music, Art, and Dance, Sapthrang aspires to be a multifaceted, splendid celebration of talents, offering unprecedented opportunities to participants. Every event has been carefully crafted to challenge the participants and ensnare the audience.

For all the people with the flair for acting, for all the people who aren’t afraid to flaunt their mad dancing skills and for all the people with a nightingale’s voice, Sapthrang is the perfect platform. This doesn’t leave behind the young Shakespeare, the enthusiastic debaters, the talented poets and knowledgeable quizzers, for everything is set for them as well.

Apart from organising its very own fest, the students are encouraged to participate in VTU fest every year and also at other college fests. Our students have won at these prominent fests and brough laurels to the college. We have various clubs like Chilume (Theatre Club), Antaryami (Music Club), (Dance Club)


Chilume, meaning fountain in English, representing our motto of reaching greater heights at each venture is the name of our Theatre club! The team has been performing since the past 4-years at various fests and has gained appreciation by the All India Radio, at Belgaum. Continuously conducting workshops, improvisations of the necessities that improves our playwrights with regular practice and gaining accolades is what we at the club have been doing and continue to do so.


Motto:-"To help and enrich the music knowledge of Atria"

Antaryami, atria's proud and aspiring music club, aiming to fly at all heights just like their musical notes and ragas, that reach out far and wide to soothe every soul. It comprises a bunch of young and dedicated music lovers who specialise in various aspects of Indian, western and folk music. They look forward to bringing this blend of talent which they possess into effective use through active participation in different cultural competitions that come by


Nritya: means dance in the Indian tradition. The dance club at Atria is also named Nrithya to signify that the club is meant to give the students a platform to exhibit their creativity and talent in all dance forms. Nrthya has talented students interested in various dance forms like Classical dance forms, Folk Dance, Western Dance, Bollywood dance etc… The main objective of this club is to boost the confidence of the students and encourage them to explore various dance forms. The club gives the chance to the students to participate in various dance competitions held across the colleges and the University.

Cultural Committe

Mrs Archana Motta

Cultural Coordinator

Mr Bhaskar M K

Cultural Coordinator

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