To be a premier technical and management institution that provides transformational learning and multi-disciplinary research to develop socially conscious and competent professionals.


Atria Institute of Technology is committed to:

  • Effectively disseminate knowledge between highly competent faculty and student community.
  • Create an ambience that fosters a passion for learning and collaborative research.
  • Nurture professionals who can add value to organizations, engage in higher studies and pursue innovative entrepreneurial activities.
  • Provide best in class infrastructure to facilitate experiential learning in cutting edge technologies.
  • Develop leaders who exhibit ethical behaviour in professional and societal activities.

Quality Policy

  • Continuously strive for excellence in technical & management education and focus on providing high quality collaborative learning, research & consultancy.
  • To ensure a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, to disseminate knowledge and be accountable to exceed stakeholder's expectations.

Core Values