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To embraces the principle of excellence in advancing the teaching, learning, research and service mission of the Institute through the Acquisition, Organisation and Management of collections for access and use, the provision of reference and instrumental services, and through a variety of collaborative and reciprocal programs in the area.


To build the Library as a centre for Excellence in accessing the right information at the right time for the right user.

The Library and information centre were established in the year 2000, with the collection of 2000 volumes of books. Within a span of 20 years, it has grown to the huge collection of over 30,034 books. It has reference books, bound volumes, technical national and international journals, e-books, e-journals, encyclopaedia and other multimedia resources. Library subscribes technical journals, technical magazines and 5 daily newspapers which include English and Kannada.

Library Entrance

The library strives to offer exceptional service by acquiring, organizing, and providing access to information resources specializing in the fields of science, engineering and technology, and management. It employs state-of-the-art technologies to support learning, teaching, research, and innovation. The library is a part of college that touches every student, faculty member and researcher in their respective academic field.

Open Access

Newspapers Section

The library has subscribed English and Kannada dailies. The students can have access to the current as well as old newspapers during the working hours of the library.

Periodical Section

The readers in the library can go through English periodicals to know the current affairs, news, happenings, etc in the world.

Reference Section

A spacious reference section is available for students who want to refer engineering, administration and other technological books.

Digital Library

There are personal computers along with internet access in the digital library for the students to browse, to make presentations and projects, etc.

The digital information resource centre in the library facilitates the faculty and students to access, download and share e-resources which aids the teaching-learning process and research. Our library is a member of VTU-Consortium and DELNET – Developing Library Network, which provides access to vast digital content with Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service among its member institutions. We have our own Institutional Repository in which old Question Papers are stored to provide free access to the users. E- Journals are subscribed from VTU E-Resource Consortium and DELNET. The e-journals are from various leading publishers and is a value-added service to the readers. It has a collection of e-journals and e-books of 10,069 and 32,152 respectively. These resources are IP based and can be accessed within the campus through Wi-Fi facility.

Additional to the above resources, our library is also registered in the National Digital Library (NDL) which is sponsored by MHRD, Government of India and coordinated by IIT, Kharagpur. In this Digital Repository, users can enrol themselves to get the right to use plenty of electronic resources like books, thesis, audio-video lectures, articles, manuscripts, question papers, reports, and so on.

Library / WEB OPAC :

  • Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
    The Library's Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) can be accessed on Intranet and Internet to search all the bibliographic records available in the Central Library database through a web-based search interface or with window client of the LIBSOFT. The OPAC can be searched by author, title, subject, keywords, classified number and publisher. The OPAC also provides information about new arrivals of journals/books, etc. in the Library. The WebOPAC can be accessed at:

  • E-Journals / E-Books: VTU E- Consortium, DELNET, e-ShodhSindhu and Shodhganga.

  • NPTEL Videos

  • National Digital Library (NDL)

  • Web OPAC

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