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At Atria Institute of Technology, we ensure that our students get the comfort of home away from their homes. Separate boys and girls hostel within the campus premises is available with a centralized kitchen, mess with separate dining hall for boys and girls.

With all round facilities, to stay and study within the campus, the hostels empower the students to do 24/7 collaborative learning with peers from across the countries.

Additionally, living with multicultural students in the hostel also leads to all-round personality development and will go a long way in fostering world-class citizens.

Hostels are independent units in respect to its internal administration under the overall supervision of wardens and the hostel management.


  • Triple occupancy rooms with bunker bed with a cupboard and table-chair set up for study for each student.
  • Rooms come with an attached bathroom with 24/7 hot water/cold water.
  • Spacious halls for comfortable dining.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and dinner is provided by the mess on all the days.
  • Cold & Normal drinking water facility.
  • Free laundry service is available to each student.
  • Round the clock security guards and cameras across the hostel area have been installed in consideration of security being the utmost important aspect for students.
  • Indoor & Outdoor games facilities.
  • 24/7 Free Wi-Fi Service available to students.
  • Regular House-keeping facility for cleaning of rooms and washrooms.


  1. 8:30 pm to 7:00 am is specified as study hours. During these hours:

    • Every student should strictly be in his/her room, except during dining.
    • Students are generally not allowed to go to the other rooms for borrowing materials such as notes, calculators, medicines etc., which will result in unwanted problems.
    • Transistors and CD players are normally not allowed. If they are desirous of using them (with prior permission from the warden), can only be used with headphones.
    • No combined studies/discussions are allowed inside the rooms. The open collaborative areas can be used for such requirements.
  2. No posters are allowed to be put on the walls and doors. On violation, penalty will be charged from the student.
  3. During the college hours, students cannot stay back in the hostel without the permission of the principal/warden.
  4. A prior written permission from the warden is mandatory, in case a student wants to step out of the campus, for any reason.
  5. If a student notices any problem/discrepancy the same should be brought to the notice of the warden immediately.
  6. Students will be allowed to visit the Local Guardian (with prior permission from the warden), only once a week. While returning back to the hostel, the signature of the Local Guardian is to be obtained in the prescribed format. Stepping out without the prior permission will be considered as a violation of the rule and can result in strict action.
  7. For the purpose of rejuvenation/purchase of necessities, the students are allowed to go out only on Saturdays & Sundays in the specified time with written permission of the warden.
  8. Smoking, Drugs, Narcotics, Consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any such related material found in the room amounts to serious violation of the hostel norms of the institution for which the student will be booked under punishable offence under the Special NDPS ACT of the Sections of 341, 342, 211 and 58.
  9. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any attempt made in this regard will be considered as an unforgivable offence under Section F.No. 37-3/ Legal/AICTE/2009 (Non-bailable offence) and such students will be rusticated under the University norms.
  10. Use or possession of any weapon, inflammable/explosive material (including crackers) in any form is strictly prohibited.
  11. The period of stay in the hostel will be calculated on the basis of the academic year and not the calendar year.
  12. Any software used in the hostel by the student is subject to scrutiny by the hostel authorities. Materials which are objectionable will be confiscated as a disciplinary measure.
  13. Students leaving the hostel in the middle of the academic year on their own or have been asked to vacate the hostel on disciplinary measure, will forfeit the entire amount paid to the hostel including the caution deposit.
  14. Use of Electrical Heater/ Appliances is strictly banned.
  15. Rooms should be kept neat, fresh and tidy.
  16. Garbage should be put in the dustbin only. Students must not throw the garbage into the corridor and other areas.
  17. Drying clothes on Parapet walls and outside areas in the corridor is strictly prohibited.
  18. Furniture should be kept only in the place initially planned for and cannot be moved.
  19. Students are asked to pick and drop their utensils while dining in the designated places.
  20. When called for a meeting the attendance is compulsory for all the students.
  21. Hostel authorities are empowered to enter the room at any point of time (even in the midnight) to inspect the room and belongings of the student. Students must co-operate in completing the inspection at any point of time. Resistance will be considered as violation of norms.
  22. The Local Guardian needs to be identified by the parent. The local guardian needs to be in touch with the college authorities whenever required from time to time. The local guardian needs to be 35 years and above unless the local guardian is the student’s own brother/sister.
  23. No visitors including family members and relatives are allowed to enter the hostel. Any visitor is allowed to meet their ward only in the Reception/Office room. Visitation needs to be approved by the warden before meeting the ward.
  24. Going to picnics/visits is strictly prohibited. Students violating are solely responsible for the consequences arising out of violation. The college will in no way be responsible for the consequences and such students will be sent out of the hostel and the college without any further notice.
  25. Usage of mobiles should not create problems for the roommates and other people in the hostel.
  26. The student should have a prior permission in the prescribed format from the warden and duly countersigned by the parents and submitted for any short-term /mid-term vacation.
  27. When the student is vacating the hostel, he/she has to intimate the warden in advance. If anybody vacates the hostel without completing the formality, it amounts to violation of the hostel rules. The belongings (if any) will be seized and the hostel authorities will not be responsible for loss of materials.
  28. A student has to vacate the hostel along with his/her luggage at the end of each academic year, within three days after the last day of examination. If the student desires to continue for the next academic year, he/she can reserve his/her seat by submitting the request letter in the prescribed format to the warden and is subjected to the approval of the warden and the authorities of the hostel. If the student is permitted to continue then he/she can reserve the hostel accommodation by paying the amount in full payable towards the hostel fee. In case the student does not join the hostel in the next academic year, the reservation amount will be forfeited. Only those students whose reservation is accepted, will be permitted to keep their luggage in the hostel in the prescribed place.
  29. CLOAK ROOM FACILITY - Those who desire to continue and are willing to keep their luggage in the hostel during the vacation, can make use of the cloak room facility. Such students can submit a requisition letter for the same in the prescribed format with applicable charges. Acknowledgement may be obtained.

Violation of these or any other norms, the student will be asked to vacate the hostel on disciplinary measure within 24 hours-notice. In such cases, the student will not only be rusticated from the hostel on disciplinary grounds, but will also be rusticated from the college without any prior notice/information.


Hostel fee is Rs. 93,500/- per annum with Rs.5000/- one time – refundable caution deposit in the first year.

The fee must be paid by Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favor of “Atria Institute of Technology” payable at Bangalore, or transferred to the College bank account, the details of which are furnished below, through NEFT/ RTGS

Name of the Account holder: Atria Institute of Technology
Account No: 363010100053747
IFSC Code: UTIB0000363
Swift Code: AXISINBB094
Bank: Axis Bank
Branch: RT Nagar, Bengaluru

NOTE: If payment is made through RTGS/ NEFT, the details of the transaction, such as Receipt or Screenshot with UTR No., should be mailed to

Please mention the name of the student, USN number (If issued) and the Branch as reference.

Receipt can be collected from the Accounts Department after reconciliation.