Physical Education Director

Mr Avinash H S

B.COM, Bped, Mped



Sports are a crucial part of a students’ growth and development. At ATRIA we believe that active engagement of the mind and body would bring out the best amongst students. In par with this motive, we have a dedicated Department of Physical Education, under the guidance of a Physical Education Director who develops warrior leaders of character who are physically and mentally tough. By engaging cadets in activities, we stimulate a competitive behavior amongst students which in turn is reflected in the laurels bagged for the institution from time to time. In our view, sports coupled with academics emerges as a gateway to better opportunities for our students who have subsequently improved their lives quite significantly.


  • Develop motor abilities like strength, speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance, as they are important aspects for good performance in different games and sports
  • Understanding the meaning of physical education for individual development and improving general health for professional activity
  • Organizing tournaments in different sports/games every year
  • Training students to participate in inter-college, inter-university, State, National and International level sports


Sl. No. Name of the faculty Designation Department
1 Dr Y Vijaya Kumar Principal Chairperson
2 Mr Avinash H S Physical Education Director Convener
3 Mr. AnandKumar Asst.Prof, Civil Dept. Member
4 Mr. Goutam R Asst.Prof, CSE Dept. Member
5 Mr. Jayanth U Asst.Prof, ECE Dept. Member
6 Mr. Sreenivas Asst.Prof, ISE Dept. Member
7 Mr. Chetan C S Asst.Prof, Mechanical Dept. Member
8 Mrs. Indira S Asst.Prof, BSE Dept. Member
9 Mrs. Rajimol K P Asst.Prof, MBA Dept. Member
10 Mrs. Uzma Taj Asst.Prof, MCA Dept. Member
11 Mr. Tejus Roa N Student, Mech Dept. Member
12 Ms. Abhigna Raghunandan Student, CSE Dept. Member


Outdoor Games

  • Throwball
  • Kabaddi
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Kho-Kho
  • Basketball
  • Football

Indoor Games

  • Table tennis
  • Yoga
  • Chess
  • Carrom


The Department of Physical Education supports and encourages students to involve in various Competitions and Tournaments and bring great honor and recognition to the institution. Students have actively participated in various inter and intra collegiate sports events and have engraved the identity of the college.

S. No. Event / Tournament Venue Category
1 Dr M S Ramaiah Memorial State level Inter College Cricket Tournament M S Ramaiah College Bengaluru 23-08-2019 Men
2 New Horizon College of Engineering / Inter College Basketball Tournament New Horizon College of Engineering Bengaluru 16-9-2019 &
3 CMR Institute of Technology Inter College / Throwball Tournament CM Institute of Technology Bengaluru 25-09-2019 Women
4 Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology Inter College Football Tournament Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology Bengaluru 18-10-2019 &
5 South Zone Inter College Athletics Tournament Gurunanak Engineering College Bidar 20/10/19 to 26/10/19 Men and Women
6 Sir MVIT Inter College cricket tournament Sir MVIT 11-11-2019 Men
7 Atria IT Intercollege Central Zone Table Tennis Tournament Atria IT Bengaluru 16-11-2020 &
8 East West College Inter College Throwball Tournament East West College Bengaluru Men
9 VTU Inter College Volleyball Tournament HKBK College Bengaluru Men
S. No. Name of the Tournament Date Venue Category
1 VTU Bangalore Central Zone Table Tennis Men and Women Tournament 16-11-2020 &
Atria IT Indoor Court Men/Women
S. No. Event Year Date Venue
1 Athletics, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Chess, and Carom 2020-2021 04-06-2021 &
Atria Institute of Technology
2 Athletics, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Chess, and Carom 2019-2020 10-03-2020 &
Atria Institute of Technology
3 Athletics, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Chess, and Carom 2018-2019 22-04-2019 &
Atria Institute of Technology
4 Athletics, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Chess, and Carom 2017-2018 23-04-2018 &
Atria Institute of Technology

Avinash H.S.
Physical Education Director
Mobile No: 9945944122