Computer Science & Engineering

Atria Advantage

  • Advanced Learning Methods: Digital Platform & Flipped Classroom.
  • Competencies Training: Beyond syllabus, placement targeted.
  • Scholarships: Founders, Merit and Atria "Young Scholars".
  • City Centre Campus with Hostels: Easily accessible.
  • Atria Business Incubation Centre: Nurturing & Launching Entrepreneurs - First Time & Family Businesses.

New Age Learning

Foundation Courses in Mathematics and Physics to refresh and solidify concepts.

Pedagogy enhanced to facilitate and “Teach to Learn”, not just impart content.

Discussions on hot topics - IoT, ML and AI, Blockchain etc.

Curated by adjunct faculty from industry led by

Dr. Sateesh K

Mentor & Adjunct
Ex Research Scientist IBM and HP
Expertise : Data Sciences, Security
Past Chairman, Computer Society of India, Bangalore
M.Sc. Physics IIT Kanpur
Ph.D., Univ of Massachusetts, Amhearst
Security , Analytics; HP & IBM Labs

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Aniruddha Kannal

Co Founder and CEO, xceler
M.S.(Computer Science) Binghamton University
Ex Deloitte Consulting

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Dr Nagalingappa G

ABiC Head

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The Xcelerator Platform

To improve learning outcomes for students.

  • "Learn by doing"- experiential learning
  • "Partnerships" with Industry & Academia for Content & Delivery
  • "Learn at your pace"- feedback and personalization
  • "Skills Framework" - students progress on a skills map