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We are in the process of re-inventing ourselves and transforming the future of engineering education.


is a collaborative learning community bringing together academia and industry to nurture real world experience and help students get industry exposure. We connect students with mentors and companies through meaningful and sustainable use cases (e.g. projects, unstructured learning, internship opportunities, etc.). The platform uses a project-based instruction method so that students gain the ability to apply concepts. The platform provides a much-needed digital extension to traditional brick and mortar institutions.

Quiklrn (LMS):

Assess and improve learning outcomes based on Outcome Based Education (OBE) using the Adaptive Learning System. Quiklrn is selected by AICTE as part of the National Education Alliance for Technology (NEAT2.0) for providing AI-tool to personalize learning. Access your courseware on the Quiklrn Learning App with audio capability, local language translator, machine recommended concept videos, and many more functions - a smarter way of learning.


OPTYMIS - Our partner in Digital Transformation, enhancing Productivity and Profitability. OptyMIS Technologies is a MIS and business intelligence solutions provider. The platform helps us to achieve digital transformation of the day-to-day transactions with our optimized ERP and provide key data analytics to manage the businesses more effectively and efficiently.