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At ABIC, we envisage collaborating with entrepreneurswho have a vision that is futuristic, and solutions-driven. We offer toempower the idea with industry expertise, technological advice and financialassistance. We want to provide startups with opportunitiesto identify solutions to significant problems across industries enabled by anexposure to emerging technology aligned and shaped with tools and methods forbetter decision making and ideation.



Purnajit Chatterjee

  • DEAN - MBA
  • M Sc. Operations Research, St. Stephens, Delhi – Gold Medalist
  • National Scholar from Government of India
  • Ex VP, Associate Partner, & General Manager @ IBM
  • Founder – Health Trail Portal
  • PMP from PMI, USA
  • Business Advisor and Mentor to mulitple companies
Dr Neha Mangla

Department: ISE

Designation: Assoc. Professor

Qualification: B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering)
MTech (Computer Science & Engineering), PhD

Experience: 14 Yrs

Mr Somesh B S

Department: ECE

Designation: Asst Professor

Qualification: B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
MTech (VLSI Design & Embedded Systems)

Experience: 11 Yrs

Dr Rahul Dandautiya

Department: Civil Engineering

Designation: Asst Professor

Qualification: B.E. (Civil Engineering)
MTech (Environmental Engineering) PhD, BITS - Pilani

Experience: 3 Yrs

Md Rizwan Jafar

Department: ME

Designation: Asst Professor

Qualification: B.E. (Mechanical)
MTech (Manufacturing Management), BITS -Pilani

Experience: 5 Yrs

Ms Devaki S

Department: MBA

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Com (HR & Marketing)

Experience: 5 Yrs

Mr Goutam R

Department: CSE

Designation: Asst. Professor

Qualification: B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering)
MTech (Computer Science & Engineering)

Experience: 4 Yrs

Mrs Kanchana S K

Department: Basic Sciences

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Sc.
M.Sc. (Physics)

Experience: 4 Yrs